New Time Acupuncture App

iPhone and iPad App $ 9.99

by Dr. Armin Koch

This App is based on the „Wheel of Time Acupuncture“ issued by Dr. Armin Koch. The new app performs the calculation of the solar time for you. The “open” acupuncture points are displayed according to the setting of your iPhone or iPad. The application of the time acupuncture will be a pushover.


Here and Now

The current location and time is used automatically in the normal setting of the app.

This will be the most commonly used option for an acupuncturist. The timely energetics are adjusted to the current acupuncture session.

Manual Setting

In addition, the app allows the manual setting of any location on the globe at any time.

A case in point is the determination of the energetic constellation at birth.

Timely Optimized Acupuncture Strategies

As a result of the setting of date and time the different timely optimized acupuncture strategies represent themselves at a glance.

You can choose the strategy that fits best to your patient’s actual needs.


Background Knowledge Accessible with a Mouse Click

The app is a learning aid for the student as well. By clicking any of the display windows the offered treatment strategy is explained in detail. More than 500 entries with exciting background knowledge are available by clicking on the corresponding marked links.


An overview about the different qualifications and the appropriate indications of the acupuncture point in question is opened by clicking “HT9“ in the display window.

Detailed Information

More detailed information can be retrieved by clicking the link “HT9 – Wood Indication“, for example.


Combining the App and the Wheel in Practice

Those who prefer not to work with an electronic device in the therapeutic setting with the patient but still want to take advantage of the benefits of the app can ideally combine both tools.

It seems irritating for many patients and/or acupuncturists to use electronic devices during the treatment. The patient deserves your full attention in the consulting room.

Anyway: The big advantage of the app, beside its attractive price, is the automatic calculation and setting of the solar time. In addition a lot of background knowledge can be found directly in the app whereas this information has to be looked up in additional textbooks when working with the wheel.

But the „Wheel of Time Acupuncture©“ still has its advantages, like the apparent depiction of the cyclic course of the various systems, or the complete independence of any need of an electronic device.

Ideally, the app and the wheel are used together in order to benefit from both tools. The user of the wheel has the chance to check his/her calculations and settings with the help of the app. He can prepare the acupuncture session by checking the different strategies with the help of the comprehensive information in the app. In the treatment room, however, no electronic devices are needed. Here, in the therapeutic setting, a glance at the wheel is quite enough to choose the best timely treatment strategy.