Development Disorders of a Premature Infant

The determination of the energetics at the time of birth will be explained in detail. The open extraordinary channel at that time can make for the understanding of development disorders, and it can offer an appropriate treatment. A Quote from the Doctor’s Letter of Referral „Michael* was born on August 03, 2015 during the 26th week of gestation. He was a premature infant and suffered from a cerebral haemorrhage. The family asks for acupuncture to treat and prevent relevant development disorders. Could you check the toddler and determine the open extraordinary channel at the time of birth. Please give me a clue how to treat the toddler.” *Name and patient data are changed. Anamnesis Michael appears in my clinic together with his mother on March 15, 2017. Age at the time of the consultation: Approx. 19 months referred to his birth on August 03, 2015 (week of gestation: 26 3/7) Approx. 16 months referred to age adjustment according to the calculated date of Nov 7, 2015. Diverse reports of paediatric development examinations are on hand. They assert a muscular hypotonia of the trunc and the extremities. The functioning of the left extremities develop with a delay of about 2 months compared to the right side. Subsequently, however, strength and functioning are symmetrical normal. Temperature: rather cool, rather cool sweats. Nutrition well-balanced. Stools and micturation inconspicuous. Sleep: Problems with falling asleep. Sleeps little, about 9 hours in 24 hours. Findings Weight: 8.6kg ≈ below 3rd percentile referred to the time of birth as well as referred to age adjustment. Length: 70cm ≈ below 3rd percentile referred to the time of birth as well as referred to age adjustment. Head girth: 47cm ≈ between 3rd and 10th percentile referred to the time of birth as well as referred to age adjustment. Michael crawls about with symmetrical movements. He grasps objects symmetrically, sits, and stands up if he can hold someone/something. Location and Time of Birth Born on August 03, 2015 at 20:16 local clock time in Barcelona (2° 9‘ or 2.15° E). Time zone: Central European Daylight Time (CEDT = UTC + 2:00)), Solar time at birth: 18:18 (= clock time – 1h 58min) Energetics at the Time of Birth The energetics at the time of birth can be calculated. You will find the relevant manuscript Time-Based-Acupuncture-Calculations-and-Tables via the public domain of Armin’s website. The calculations, however, are complex and time consuming. The Time Acupuncture App can take the whole job for you. The setting of any place on the globe at any time is possible. The setting of Michael’s location and time of birth is depicted in detail with the help of screenshots from the app. Step 1: Start of the App – Normal Setting The current location and time is used automatically in the normal setting of the app. This will be the most commonly used option for an acupuncturist. The timely energetics are adjusted to the current acupuncture session. In addition, the app allows the manual setting of any location [...]