Treatment of an illness during the time division of the channel corresponding to that illness. For example: illness of SP-channel, treatment at 9:00 – 11:00, B6 Td (sundial time).

Strategy 1: Mother point of preceding channel (ST41).

Strategy 2: Child point (SP5).

Strategy 3: Horary-ben point (SP3).

Strategy 4: Treatment of the transporting-shu point according to the five subdivisions of the time division.

Strategy 5: Yuan-source point of the timely channel (SP3) + luo-connecting point of the interior-exterior related channel (ST40).

Strategy 6: Shu-stream point (SP3) + back-shu point (BL20).

Strategy 7: Mu-front point (LV13) + back-shu point (BL20). (6/10)