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Strategies of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa – Na Zi Fa

Treatment according to the noon midnight law. For example: a pathology of liver excess, treatment at 13:00 - 15:00, B8 Td (sundial time). Strategy 1: Point for tonification or sedation. Tonification of SI-channel sedates LV-channel - HT9 (mother point of the preceding channel!). Strategy 2: Tonification or sedation of the horary-ben point. Tonification of SI5. Strategy 3: Luo-connecting point of the SI-channel: SI7 (not in the SI-Channel window!). (7/10)

Strategies of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa – Na Zi Fa2017-07-24T23:25:38+02:00

Strategies of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa – Na Zi Fa

Treatment of the timely channel regardless of the illness. For example: a treatment at 17:00 - 19:00, B10 Td (sundial time). Strategy 1: Yuan-source point KI3 or horary-ben point KI10. Strategy 2: Treatment of the element point that is related to the disease. In our example KI7 (metal point). Strategy 3: Treatment according to the mother child laws: BL67 for tonification; KI1 for sedation. Strategy 4: Treatment of the transporting-shu point according to the five subdivisions of the time division. (8/10)

Strategies of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa – Na Zi Fa2017-07-24T23:27:20+02:00

Ling Gui Ba Fa

September 16, 2012; 01:00 - 03:00 (sundial time), B2 Td. Fei Teng Ba Fa: Number 1: Open gua is 2. Number 2: Gua 2 corresponds to Yin Qiao Mai. Ling Gui Ba Fa: Number 3: Day number is 17. Number 4: Ring of day numbers 11 - 20 (group of ten). Number 5: Open gua is 6. Number 6: Gua 6 corresponds to Chong Mai. (10/10)

Ling Gui Ba Fa2017-07-24T23:29:14+02:00


”Almost daily headaches for hours on the right temple, prodromal scintillating scotoma. No conspicuous neurological findings between the attacks. No abnormalities in the MRI scan of the brain. Diagnosis: severe migraine with visual aura”.


Modifikationen von XiaoYaoSan

Wie sich Stress – Leber-Qi-Stagnation – in den verschiedenen Funktionskreisen auswirken kann, und wie sich die entsprechende Symptomatik mit Modifikationen des XiaoYaoSan behandeln lässt. Download Script

Modifikationen von XiaoYaoSan2017-06-14T13:42:26+02:00

Einführung in die Yi Jing Akupunktur

Erschienen in: Schmerz & Akupunktur 2/08, Europäische Zeitschrift für Ganzheitliche Schmerztherapie und Akupunktur Einführend wird die Symbolik und Struktur des Yi Jing (I Ging, I Ching) erläutert. Möglichkeiten, wie die Erkenntnisse des Yi Jing in der Akupunktur angewandt werden können, sind das Hauptthema des Artikels. Einführung in die Yi-Jing Akupunktur

Einführung in die Yi Jing Akupunktur2017-06-13T13:28:35+02:00
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